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Jason Miller | Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Curated Reviews & Testimonials

I have had anxiety for years ..I started working with Jason a couple months ago and after each session there became a deeper and more in depth unaware awareness of peace and calm internally .A sense of letting go and relaxing in a way I never knew was possible for a jitter bug like me ..I would recommend Greenville Hypnosis Center to any who is wanted to let go of the baggage that holds you down from moving forward ..From wanting to quit smoking or losing weight , OCD , ADD , or just being a better you ..Jason can assist u with it pretty much all .. I feel amazing Thank you Greenville Hynosis Center  

~Heather T. Greenville, SC

So far so good, I’ve had several nightmares, but they do not wake me up at night and do not stay with me for the remainder of the day. I do not seem to lucid dream as much as before as well. So, everything is going well with no hiccups. Thank you for your help.
~Hillari C. Greenville, SC

Please let me know when you can squeeze me in again. I really appreciate it and I can NOT tell you how grateful I am bc the hypnosis has already helped more than you can imagine!
~Kiera E. Greenville, SC

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