How I used Hypnosis to stop smoking Greenville SC

Hypnosis to stop smoking in Greenville SC

Hypnosis can SUPERCHARGE New Years resolutions and goals from smoking cessation and weight loss to improving your golf game or just beating stress and anxiety… We are here to help YOU succeed!

My name is Jason and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotist here in Greenville, SC. I have to admit… I am an ex-smoker.

Stopping smoking can be hard. Really hard. We have all been there… you have had it… you want to quit so badly. You throw out the pack then stop later and buy another. You try to ration your cigarettes and “cut back”… only to go into “make up” mode smoking just as many if not more every day.

You may have tried the gums and patches, pills and gimmics, cold turkey, hard candies… it’s exhausting trying to find the solution isn’t it? I have been right where you are!

Let’s flash back… I am 15 years old and hanging out with the cool hippy chick from school… we were besties. Well she was a Camel Lights fan and eventually I tried one.

Whoah what a head rush that first smoke was! So it began… the love affair with Camel Lights. The tasty Turkish tobacco blend… The Camel Cash (remember that?)… The SMOKERS COUGH…

Well as I approached 30 years old I realized that I had been smoking cigarettes for half of my life! I could feel it too… I was getting winded… woke up with the morning phlem and cough… I wondered how long I would live!

The mortality issue crept up in mind a lot… as I am sure it does yours. I knew I had to had to quit… I had to put the cigarettes down. Plus it kept getting more and more expensive!

I tried it all… every available option just didn’t seem to help get my will power strong enough to not turn back. Sure they helped for a brief time, but then it was right back to smoking a pack or so a day.

One day I ran across this odd little stop smoking kit that had some homeopathic lozenges to ease cravings… and get this… A HYPNOSIS CD!

I laughed when I saw the hypnosis CD because I had been using self hypnosis for years already to achieve my own personal goals. Sort of like self help meets the matrix. I found it funny because of all the uses I knew of for hypnosis, stopping smoking was one area where I had my doubts. Keep in mind I had been hypnotizing folks for longer than I had been a smoker… I knew the positive changes that hypnosis could deliver! I suppose I was just blinded by my addiction… not realizing that I already had the tools I needed to quickly alter my perceptions about smoking.

The silly lozenges in the kit were sort of helpful for a day or so… but then they ran out! The REAL secret of this kit I had purchased was the hypnosis. Knowing that, I created my own version for self hypnosis that really dealt with my subconscious triggers and personally made for ME…. using the times where I felt the weakest as post hypnotic cues to use the new tools for remaining STRONG one craving at a time.

For over a decade I have remained cigarette free thanks to hypnosis! No desire to ever touch another cigarette even to this day! Hypnosis helped me overcome my weakest moments during the cessation process AND every day there after!

Now sometimes I will get a whiff of a Camel Light… Sure I will get nostalgic… but there is simply NO desire to return!

I want to help to you achieve this in YOUR life! So go learn more about my Stop Smoking Hypnosis packages and then get in touch so we can get YOU on the road to being a non-smoker. I can help get your subconscious mind working for you rather than against you… and THAT is the REAL secret!

If you are ready to quit smoking, you will leave my office a non-smoker with the tools you need to remain that way.

Get in touch now and let’s get your appointment scheduled in! Whether you need to quit smoking, lose some weight, overcome anxiety or just meet new goals in your life… Reach out to me… I am happy to help

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