Online Private Hypnosis Sessions via Skype Hypnotherapy

Hypnotist Jason Miller now offers private hypnosis sessions online via Skype for clients outside of his local region!

Overcoming your limiting beliefs and challenges in your life via hypnosis has never more easy or convenient thanks to Skype! Jason Miller is one of the most trusted certified hypnotists in the Southeastern United States with over two decades of hypnosis experience, and now you can schedule your own private online hypnosis session with Jason no matter where in the world you may be. You will be experiencing the same sessions as a client sitting in Jason’s office, only now you can do so from the comfort of your own home!

What kind of hypnosis sessions are available online via Skype?

  • Weight Loss Program
  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis
  • Stress / Anxiety Hypnosis
  • Sports Performance Program
  • Ballroom Dancing Hypnosis
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Any of the services that would be provided in our office can be scheduled via Skype for your convenience.

What is Skype??

Chances are if you were searching the web and found this post you probably already know what Skype is. But some folks don’t know about Skype. It is free program that allows people to make free calls to other Skype users all over the world. It also includes video chat as well.

It is best to use Skype on a laptop with a built in video camera or computer with an external video camera, cell phone connections can get choppy or drop important words during the session. Wired connections are always better than wireless if possible.

The best part is that Skype is FREE to download and use! Go here to download Skype to your computer for free

Then just set up your account and you will be ready to consult with Jason online…

“I love the fact that I can now reach out and help folks achieve their personal goals and overcome their limiting beliefs via the internet. The possibilities are endless! Let’s get you scheduled in for your online hypnosis session today. I look forward to helping you reach goals in the same way my local clients have come to love.”  ~Jason Miller | Certified Clinical Hypnotist

The benefits of Skype hypnosis sessions:

Time: In our busy modern lives it can often be difficult to make time to go to actual physical appointments, wait in the waiting room for your turn, then drive all the way back home or to your office. Skype allows you to save that time and use it elsewhere. Enjoy hypnosis sessions online from home!

Comfort: Imagine getting the benefits of professional hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own couch, bed or favorite recliner! You can create the ideal setting for you no matter where you are located.

Convenience: Forget the traffic nightmares! There is no need to rush to an office across town just make your appointment. You can reap the benefits of hypnosis from your own home, from your office before an important meeting… heck you can even have your appointment while on vacation!


How to book an online Skype hypnosis session with Jason Miller:

  1. Go to our appointment request form and follow the directions for requesting your appointment, make sure you mention that you want a SKYPE session in the message body.
  2. We will email you to set up your appointment.
  3. After a date is selected, we will email you a secure online invoice that you may pay with your credit card. All Skype sessions must be prepaid before we confirm your appointment.
  4. Once your payment has been made, we will have you fill out the client paperwork and return it to us. This will need to be printed, filled out, signed and them emailed back to us. The easiest way to do this is simply take clear photos of these documents with your smart phone and email them back to us.
  5. Be available at the appointment time and date with your Skype software running.

Click HERE to request your Skype hypnosis appointment

VERY Important Notes:

  • Make sure that you will not be interrupted by family, friends, pets, kids, trains or anything else during your scheduled time. If you need to, put a sign on your door and make sure that everyone knows not to interrupt you during this time.
  • Turn off all cell phones and other distractions before we start.
  • Go to the bathroom before your session begins.
  • It is best to use a headset during this session so you can hear, but speakers also work too.
  • Don’t use Skype on your cell phone, it can be choppy and drop important words. A computer or laptop works the best.
  • Comfort is important! Make sure you are able to be in comfortable chair or recliner where your body os fully supported, including your neck and head.
  • If for some reason you are disconnected, Jason will immediately try and reconnect with you 2 times and then continue your session. If that is not possible, we will simply reschedule your session.
  • If you need to reschedule for some reason, please email us with 24 hours or more notice. Any appointments cancelled or rescheduled in LESS than 24 hours will NOT be refunded.

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