Is Relationship / Marriage Coaching Like Counseling? Greenville SC

Thanks for dropping by my website to learn more about relationship and marriage coaching! My name is Jason Miller, I have been coaching clients and helping them achieve massive changes in their life for nearly two decades.

A lot of people ask:

“Is relationship and marriage coaching like counseling?”

Not exactly… Many of my relationship clients have already tried the therapy and marriage counseling and are looking for a fresh approach to solving their relationship woes. Counseling often feels one sided and creates a deeper rift between you and your partner. Many other clients have been through religious counseling at their church, only to feel even worse off than before. And others don’t feel as if they have anyone to turn to because they are members of the LGBT community or members of other alternative lifestyles…

Maybe this sounds like you and your spouse? 

With more than two decades experience as an intuitive adviser, clinical hypnotist and practitioner of Neuro Linguisting Programming, I provide an objective and honest arena for you and your spouse to come together and unify your communication and ideas.

Relationship coaching allows for an objective and honest evaluation of your on going relationship troubles, along with providing results oriented action steps and enhancement of communication.

  • Would you like to have better communication between you and your spouse?
  • Do you feel like sometimes your spouse simply doesn’t listen?
  • Have you been trying to reconcile your feelings after an affair?
  • Are you having responsibility issues in your relationship?
  • Having problems with feeling disrespected and respecting each other?
  • Do you TRULY want to salvage your relationship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to get in touch with me right now and get your Relationship Coaching sessions set up!

I work with couples of any orientation and religious background. You may be life partners, you may be married, you may be homosexual, you may be straight… you may not fit into any standard definitions of long term relationship. Regardless of your orientation, marital status or belief system…

YOU are WELCOME here and I am honored to help!

Through open and honest dialog, we can begin breaking down the barriers that hold you and your partner back from the abundant joy that romantic relationships are supposed to bring into your life.

This is a co-operative journey, and I am your guide through the muddy waters and potholes that have formed in your relationship. My goal is to help you navigate your way back to that point of deeply satisfying love that brought you together to begin with.

Are you ready to begin that journey of healing in your relationship?

Then use the contact form to get in touch with me and let’s schedule you and your partner in so that we can get you on the road to a revitalized union. This is a modern approach based on proven methods… No psycho-babble here.

Relationship Coaching package works like this:

  • Both partners attend TWO sessions per month
  • These sessions are typically together as a couple
  • There will be homework to do and tools to use
  • Weekly email support is included (2 emails per week per spouse)
  • Sessions available in office OR by Skype if you aren’t in the Greenville SC or surrounding areas
  • 3-6 month suggested commitment

Relationship Coaching Rate: $897 per month

**This rate includes BOTH spouses. It is a package rate that covers both of you. Please make sure that your spouse is on board and committed to overcoming your challenges. You BOTH must be open to change and ready for a better life together.

Your relationship is worth it. So get in touch with me now so we can get you both started on the road to healing…

CALL me for an initial consultation at: 864-551-5101


Weight Loss Hypnosis In Greenville SC South Carolina

Weight Loss Hypnosis Greenville SC

Greenville SC, Does weight loss hypnosis really work? Absolutely! We help get your subconscious mind on board with your goals to help you achieve the success you desire!

Thanks for checking out this blog post about losing weight using hypnosis, your curiosity is well deserved. My name is Jason Miller and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotist right here in Greenville South Carolina with over 25 years of experience helping people enter this state called “hypnosis.” Now when I first began my interest in hypnosis as a youth, the stuff I was interested in was the silly stage hypnosis stuff.

In my teens and twenties, I began studying hypnosis more seriously as a tool for real change. I didn’t like certain areas of my life, like many young people, but I learned just how powerful of a tool hypnosis could be. I used this tool as my own self help mechanism, while learning how to help others do the same. The most amazing realization that I had was when I decided I was finally tired of smoking cigarettes. The most vital tool to over come those strong habits proved to be… yep hypnosis!

Now you can experience the power of this learning state called hypnosis, and use it to help you reach your weight loss goals!

Losing weight can be tough, especially if you have found your self getting close to the “morbidly obese” category. Men and women alike can have great success using the things you will learn while in this hypnotized state. Sure I see a few folks who want to lose 20-30 pounds, but generally my clients have a little higher goal than that. Often times, the need to lose weight has become pressing due to health concerns.

I am here to help!

Weight loss hypnosis can help you get on the right track faster than you may think. Hypnosis isn’t some magical state, rather it is a natural state of mind in which your body and mind both are guided in to a deeply relaxed state. You will be fully aware the entire time, just incredibly relaxed and open to new learnings. Once in this relaxed state, your subconscious mind is very receptive to changes in thoughts and associations with things like “triggers.” This learning sinks in deeply and we can teach your subconscious mind to help you automatically when you need it the most.

Doesn’t it always seem like right when you are making the changes you need to make, that is when your subconscious mind sabotages your efforts? It becomes a self defeating cycle that becomes almost overwhelming.

If you have made up your mind that you are finally ready to lose that weight, then get in touch with me now so we can get you scheduled in for your weight loss hypnosis session. Check out the links here on the website for full details and request your appointment today! I can help help get your subconscious mind working FOR you rather than AGAINST you.

Clients come from all over the upstate: Clemson, Anderson, Spartanburg, Columbia, Easley and beyond

CALL us at: 864-551-5101

Weight Loss Hypnosis Greenville SC