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Greenville Hypnosis Center offers sports performance enhancement hypnosis to athletes all over South Carolina.

Can hypnosis enhance sports performance, confidence and focus? You bet it can! There are many ways hypnosis can help improve your game.

It doesn’t matter if your sport of choice is football, basketball, baseball, tennis, bowling, fencing, golf, soccer…  Professional athletes and student athletes alike can improve their game in numerous ways.

Research shows that hypnosis has the ability help improve all sorts of sporting activities thanks to the mind body connection. It is almost like a “secret weapon” in many athletes arsenal because of the subconscious ability help over come anxiety, improve inner dialog or “self talk,” over come negative or distracting thoughts… by default our subconscious often work against players best interest.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool in helping win the INNER game, which helps an athlete master the outer game. You have the best equipment, the best training, the best coach… We are here to help get your subconscious mind on board and maximize performance at the deepest level.

Focus: Hypnosis is naturally occurring state in which an increased subconscious learning mode can be accessed. While the process is very relaxing, we can help sharpen the minds focus and awareness in the moment. Awareness in the moment is critical in any sports environment. Using hypnosis we can actually cause this awareness to heighten WHEN NEEDED during the game automatically.

Confidence: Performance anxiety is a normal part of the game. The trick is learning that by increasing focus and situational awareness, we can over ride the anxiety response. Situational awareness, also called mindfulness is one of the things we teach during the process of hypnosis. By being more aware in the moment, an athlete can observe more and make better decisions quicker and more confidently. We also implement other tools to help athletes move past previous mental blocks and trouble spots as well.

Performance Enhancement: Together we can focus on areas of physical movement during the hypnotic learning state. For example we can help tweak your golf swing or your bat swing, we could enhance your jump shot or your kick, even increase memory for remembering plays. Our sessions are customized to meet you needs.

We like to say that our goal is to help you be the best YOU you can be… Sport performance hypnosis is a prime example of that goal. Our athletic clients actually learn these new skills as well as how to practice self-hypnosis in order to retain the skills and keep them selves in top mental shape for the game.

Get in touch with us now to get yourself or your student athlete started in our sports performance enhancement hypnosis sessions.

Jason Miller / Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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