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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Greenville South Carolina

Ready to give up smoking for good?

Our “Crush Smoking” program is a comprehensive smoking cessation program designed by a former smoker who knows your needs!

As a smoker, along the way your subconscious has picked up bad habits and faulty information. Using hypnosis, we can get your subconscious mind working with you on your smoking cessation goals.

Stop Smoking:

We all know how much smoking costs and how bad it is for your health, nobody has to tell you that. If you have made up your mind that you are truly ready to quit smoking, then hypnosis can definitely help! Your subconscious mind has picked up some bad habits along the way and by using hypnosis we can help erase those habits and retrain your subconscious mind to work WITH your smoking cessation goals.

Since it took a while to form these bad habits, it often takes a few sessions to make sure the changes “stick.” With that in mind this service includes up to THREE sessions** two to three days apart in order to make sure  you have the best support in your journey as a non-smoker. The close spacing allows us to make sure you have the support to achieve success and remain smoke free for the long term!

“I have designed this program around the needs of smokers since I was once a smoker myself. My goal is to make it as easy as it can be for you to CRUSH SMOKING. If you have tried it all and nothing worked… it is time to make an appointment to come see me.” ~Jason Miller (Certified Professional Hypnotist)

If you have decided that it is time to quit smoking,  now is the time to book your sessions…

Stop Smoking Package: $397 $360 Special Rate!

Package includes up to THREE sessions spaced two days apart**

  1. Day ONE includes Client intake paperwork, interview and evaluation AND your first hypnosis session. (Usually lasts around 60 minutes)
  2. Day THREE includes a review of progress and your second session. (Usually lasts around 30-40 minutes)
  3. Day FIVE includes a review of progress and a support session. (Usually lasts around 30-40 minutes)

BONUS #1: We will include a short relaxation session MP3 that you can listen to at home to reduce stress between visits. This helps you stay on track.

BONUS #2: Jason has developed an amazing 2 minute micro session designed to be used in those moments you just can’t overcome that craving… it is called the “2 Minute Craving Crusher!” Listen to it on your phone anytime to crush that craving.

**Most of our clients become nonsmokers in the first or second session. We include up to three sessions because it helps take the pressure off of you… The rate is the same whether you use a single session or all three.

Support Sessions for smoking cessation clients are available at any time for $120 after your initial three sessions

Hypnosis sessions are available by appointment only

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Or CALL us at: 864-551-5101

*Hypnosis cannot treat, diagnose or cure any medical conditions and is not intended to replace medical treatment. Hypnosis sessions are not covered by insurance.


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