Hypnosis Solutions For Business

Welcome to our business solutions area! Hypnosis has many applications for businesses that range from stress busting group sessions, sales training and motivation to full blown comedy hypnosis shows.

Not only are these sessions great for your staff and their productivity, but they are a great tax write off! So read on and learn about some of these options to see what best suits your needs!

Group Sessions For Your Office or Sales Business:

Stress Busting Relaxation Program – Office stress and anxiety can run high for medical practices, law firms, architects or just about any other typical office environment. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a spa day for your staffs stressed out minds? Well this popular session only takes up 30-45 minutes of your time and delivers a hypnotic mindfulness based relaxation session. In just a short time your staff can enjoy the benefits of stress reducing hypnosis while also learning some skills to reduce stress in their daily lives. These amazing sessions help improve work productivity and are a great team building experience for your staff. The best part is, Hypnotist Jason Miller will come to your office and bring this session to YOU. Use our contact form to request more info about this service. Rates vary depending on travel and number of attendees. Use our contact form below to get a quote now!

Smoke Out Program – This is a fantastic way to improve your employees health and and longevity. More and more workplaces are becoming smoke free for good reason, but often this leaves employees with some tough choices. For those who truly want to quit smoking, hypnosis is actually the most successful means of smoking cessation on the planet. There are mounds of peer reviewed studies showing how effective hypnosis is for permanently quitting smoking. This program uses the same “Quit Success” methods from our one on one in person smoking cessation program, but we cram three weeks worth of hypnosis into ONE group session that lasts around an hour and twenty minutes. Hypnotist Jason Miller will come to your office or event, so this session comes to you. Great for businesses small and large! Rates vary based on travel and number of attendees. Use our contact form below to get a quote now!

Sales Supercharger Program – Need to get your sales team set on fire and making more sales? Wish they would USE all that sales training you have already provided? Our Sales Supercharger Program is just for you! Chances are your sales team already knows the basic sales processes and methods. This motivational program takes those skills and activates them at a subconscious level so that your teams processes become automatic. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool and we can improve your teams motivation, dedication and success by helping them create new patterns and habits. Along with a motivational sales message, this program also includes a full blown hypnosis session to supercharge your teams prospecting, follow up, closing skills and referrals! This program has been designed by Hypnotist Jason Miller based on his years of field sales and how he used self-hypnosis to change his life. Jason is more than just a motivational speaker, as a clinal hypnotist he skillfully works with your sales people at the subconscious level inspiring deep motivation and change. So it doesn’t matter if you are a drug company, car dealer, RV dealer, HVAC company, real estate team or any other type of sales team… These methods WILL supercharge YOUR sales staff.

This is a fun program that your people will enjoy. Not only is it a supercharger for your sale team, but it also happens to be really darn relaxing. The process of hypnosis is naturally relaxing, so it happens to be a great stress reliever for your team. They will even learn simple tools to help them keep calm and cool in the heat of the action.

This program lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. Rates vary based on travel and number of attendees. Use our contact form below to get a quote now!

Stage Show – “Jason Profits Hypnosis Roadshow” is a fun and campy comedy hypnosis show in which YOUR guests become the stars of the show. Read more about the show by clicking here!

Serving businesses in and around  Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Clemson, Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach  and other parts of South Carolina as well as Georgia, North Carolina and the entire southeast.

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