Is Hypnosis A Good ADHD Treatment? Greenville SC

Is Hypnosis A Good ADHD Treatment?

Greenville, SC. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to help you or your child overcome many of the challenges presented by ADHD as well as ADD. It is important to note up front that hypnosis is never a treatment for anything. Treatment is done by doctors. My name is Jason Miller and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotist here in the upstate.

As tool for growth, hypnosis is a way to help alter subconscious patterns that often get in your way.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are growing more and more common in our modern world. Both of these are treated medically with similar pharmaceuticals: Including but not limited to to Stratera, Ritalin or Adderall. So long as these chemicals are in the body they seem to work once a proper balance is found. Drop offs in medication as the drugs leave the body may also leave a person prone to mood swings or drops in ability to focus.

Hypnosis is a drug free alternative, but also works hand in hand with your doctors recommendations.

Using hypnosis you can see an increase in focus, better retention of information, reduction in anxiety, Learn to SLOW DOWN your inner dialog and tune out the distractions. We can address the root source of the inability to focus and increase concentration.

Is this just for adults or can this help children with ADHD?

Hypnosis can be used and enjoyed by adults and children alike. Children that are old enough to be able to watch a 10 minute TV show or cartoon can benefit from these sessions. Teens and pre-teens are also able to see great results provided they WANT to. This is key with ANY hypnosis, you or child must WANT to see results and be willing to try new things… actually TRY the new things. Kids (and adults) who do NOT want to be here will NOT benefit from the session. Simple as that.

How does it work?

Hypnosis for ADD or ADHD starts out in a similar way to most other sessions. We will begin with what is called an “Induction,” this will help slow your mind down and prepare you to learn new ways of being. As you begin to focus more on these words, you may notice that is beginning to happen now. Many of the “experts” and researchers have found that “Mindfulness Meditation” can help improve ADHD symptoms. But the very task of trying to meditate is daunting for most folks with ADHD or ADD.

For ADD and ADHD clients, the induction itself is a lesson in mindfulness that you will always be able to look forward to and recall when you need to. NEXT we will move you into the “Deepener” which is to help you enter into a deeply relaxed state. Even if you are still experiencing a few racing thoughts or some inner chatter during this time, you will still notice how much more relaxed you are in comparison to your “normal” state… and that is perfectly OK! Your job is to just let the words drift into your ear drums and experience the session in any way that you happen to. There is no right or wrong here.

Then we progress into the learning phase of the session. This is where the direct and indirect suggestions about new ways of working your mind come into play. These suggestions may be hidden in stories, or they may be more direct and specific depending on the current needs of the client. The beauty of hypnosis is that we are able to work on very flexible terms based on what areas need improvement at any given time in a persons life.

You may find that even during the hypnosis session your mind is wondering, you may notice that you are not paying attention or forgot what I just said… and you are not sure you are “doing it right.”  This is perfectly normal for the first few sessions until your mind begins to learn how to slow down and enter a deeper and deeper state of relaxation and learning. It is OK if this happens because the suggestions are still going in to a deep level in your amazingly complex mind. Your subconscious is who I am talking to at that time and it will be listening and learning these things you want to learn.

Hypnosis is a process that I teach you how to use for yourself. It is not something that is done “to you,” but instead it is a team effort where I am your guide into a new resource state in which we can install new “apps” if you will… new mental tools which will give you the power to overcome one challenge at a time.

As you are finishing your session, I will help you reorient to the “waking” state. As you take a couple of nice deep breaths, noticing the feeling of the air going down into your lungs, filling your cells with rejuvenating oxygen… I will remind you of the suggestions that were made and the new things that you will be able to implement immediately upon leaving the office. I will also tell you about some of the posthypnotic suggestions that were made to help your subconscious automatically remind you of the new “apps” we installed in your brain.

Typically best results are seen in 7-12 visits. Unlike the movies, you won’t be “instantly cured” using hypnosis. The fact is, many of our smoking cessation clients see success in just 2-3 visits… permanent results… like forever. So when you think about it that way, you can see why we are confident that your success in overcoming many of the challenges of your ADD or ADHD can be had within a handful of sessions.

It is also important to point out that hypnosis can work hand in hand with your doctors medical recommendations as well as a STAND ALONE approach. If you are taking prescribed medications for ADHD you should continue to take those as your doctor suggests. We trust Greenville ADHD Specialists here locally, and if you are seeking medical treatment for ADHD then they are the ones to call. We are also happy to work with their patients as a support methodology to help you achieve the results you seek.

For optimal success our ADHD program includes your first 4 hypnosis sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. After that additional support sessions are available on a monthly basis or as needed.

ADHD Package: $530 $480 for 4 sessions

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