Can hypnosis help with ballroom dancing?

Can hypnosis help with ballroom dancing?

From a technical standpoint… YES! Hypnosis CAN help with ballroom dancing in many ways!

Now I know this sounds a little strange to suggest that hypnosis can improve your dancing, but read on. At its core, most forms of competitive dancing are very similar to sports. Not only in the physical demands, but also in the mental game one must master to be truly competitive.

Now this isn’t specific just to ballroom dancing, all forms of dance can be enhanced using the new learning state that we create in hypnosis. In this learning state we can improve athletes performance, better students memory and test scores, even help folks quit smoking. Now imagine what we could do to improve your dancing.

Here is a personal story to give you an example:

My wife spent several years as a competitive ballroom dancer, she would go to local and national dance competitions as well. Well for the past one and half years or so she had taken a break to focus on building her practice. Sometimes we get burned out and lose our passion temporarily… she was finding it a chore so she decided to take this break.

During this hiatus, she was not taking any lessons nor was she practicing. I’m afraid I am not much of a fancy dancer myself so I wasn’t much help as a dance partner. The ways I can help become clear in a minute.

Well over the past few weeks she had been entertaining the idea of picking back up with her lessons. She missed the regular lessons and had found her passion returning. After we discussed it, she went ahead got the ball rolling.

She had wondered out loud if hypnosis could help her pick back up where she left off at her last lesson. Now keep in mind she is familiar with being “hypnotized” in the familiar way, she has been hypnotized quite a few times. So we began discussing what her needs may be once she returned to dancing.

I agreed that it would be amazing to see the results of applying some of the dynamics of my sport performance hypnosis to dance. The suggestion was made that she think about the areas where she needed improvement, that way I could tailor the hypnotic suggestions to her needs.

Over the next week, I began casually mentioning things in ways that would have her recalling successful competitions and moments of pride. Secretly I was using a method known as “conversational hypnosis” in order to have her tapping into her subconscious muscle memory and re-activating past lessons from deep inside her mind. The thing is, this was being done in everyday normal conversations rather than the traditional “hypnosis session.”

Oh and I am the only one that knew I was doing it. Did I mention that part? Anyway, Just before her first lesson I asked her to consult with her instructor about what areas she was needing to work on to get back up to speed. I also told her to just pretend that she had never taken any time off and it would all just come back to her naturally.

After coming home from her first returning lesson, she was worn out. Her instructor put her through the paces with no mercy. She asked her instructor what areas were needing attention after such a long hiatus… He said “nothing, nothing baby!”

She was amazed that even though we had not done a “ballroom dancing hypnosis session” that she was firing on all cylinders after time away. I let the cat out of the bag that she had been a victim of my secret conversational hypnosis methods. I recounted several conversations we had, pointing out the subtle suggestions and extremely powerful methods that had been used and it all became crystal clear to her…. that she had married a mad man….

No no that’s not what she thought… she was actually astounded at just how effective these subtle methods can be when used in this way for enhancing performance.

Since I knew what some of the weaker areas of her dance used to be, I was able to form the suggestions she needed to hop right back in the dance gown with a vengeance.

Just imagine those areas where you need to improve your dance… any kind of dance… I can help get your subconscious mind working to give you that edge you need.

Hypnosis can help you:

  • Improve focus
  • Have better balance
  • Remember new dances and moves faster
  • Correct posture and pose
  • Boost confidence and reduce performance anxiety
  • Remove bad habits

Obviously your curiosity is growing as to whether hypnosis can help you enhance your ballroom dancing… so go ahead and get in touch with us now so we can get your first appointment scheduled in. Just use the contact form to request your appointment.

Even if you are active in another form of dance or performance, I can help you be the best YOU you can be!

Jason Miller

Certified Hypnotist