About Us

Greenville Hypnosis Center has a goal. That goal is to help you be the best YOU you can be!

My name is Jason Miller, I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotist who has been practicing hypnosis for over 25 years. My love for hypnosis began in middle school as part of my study of stage magic and illusions. I began learning stage hypnosis and doing silly hypnotic stunts with my friends.

As I got older I continued studying about and using hypnosis for more serious reasons such as “self help” and personal improvement. This lead to years of in depth learning about how our subconscious often trips us up and how to magnify our strengths using hypnosis.

For the past 15 years in my practice as an intuitive consultant, I have used hypnosis with my clients to help them visit “past lives” as well as a form of guided meditation for stress relief. Folks come from states all around for my “past life” sessions with hundreds and hundreds of successful “regressions.”

Realizing that there is a huge need for the benefits that hypnotism can provide in the real world, I have founded Greenville Hypnosis Center so that you can experience those benefits too! Here we focus on real world self improvement and change work that helps get your subconscious mind working on your side. If you find yourself aiming for goals then being disappointed when you fall short of those goals, hypnosis can you leap over those hurdles.

Hypnosis isn’t some bizarre mental trick like you see in the movies. It is most accurately described as a state of extremely deep relaxation in which we can instill some powerful learnings about how to over come the challenges that you need to. Those challenges range from bad habits, weight loss, smoking, memory enhancement and study improvement to managing stress and anxiety.

With that in mind, hypnosis isn’t something that is “done to” someone. I look at it as an opportunity to help you learn powerful tools for improving yourself, tools which you will take with you after you leave my office. Hypnosis is a learning procedure that we will work on together for your benefit. It offers a faster route to your end goals without the need for sessions that drag on for months and years. Often times, I don’t need to see clients for more than 3-5 sessions in order to help them achieve lasting changes in their lives.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals no matter what they are! You CAN make the changes you want to see in your life with the help of hypnosis. Go ahead and get in touch with us so we can schedule your appointment. Then you will be able to look back at today as having been one of the best decisions you have ever made.

~Jason Miller Certified Clinic Hypnotist